Ear Infections

EAR INFECTION:The ear is one of the five sense organs we have and we need no new introduction about its importance. You may be enjoying a smooth life at the moment, but you never know how or when your delicate hearing organ may get infected and make your life miserable. An infection in the ear not only affects your audio system but results in tremendous pain, imbalance in your body, and also sometimes a facial paralysis known as Bell Palsy. The imbalance occurs because the ear controls the nerve which maintains balance in our body. An ear infection can be detected when there is a sudden inflammation and pain in the ear. There are some common types of ear infections:

MIDDLE EAR INFECTION: This occurs in the air filled space behind the ear drum, which is known as the middle ear. Middle ear infection often originates from a cold or any respiratory problem and spreads from one ear to another through the Eustachian tube. It also results in bulging of the eardrum due to deposition of some fluid behind the eardrum. Some fluids may ooze out from the ear when the ear gets infected.Diagnosis: Consulting a doctor is the only option when your ear has already been infected. The doctor shall use an otoscope to judge the severity of the infection. When air is pushed onto the ear drum it reacts in different manner. If the drum moves easily, then the problem is not that serious. But if the drum feels tight, there might be some fluid making it heavy and hence, it becomes a serious condition. The ear nose throat doctor Philippines may prescribe you some antibiotic medicines along with some pain relievers. 

OUTER EAR INFECTION: Outer ear infection is often known as Swimmer’s Ear. The reason behind this name is that it occurs due to accumulation of water in the ear canal after a swim or a bath, which gives birth to bacteria inside the ear. If a finger is inserted to scratch, the bacteria spread out and infection occurs.The outer ear infection often starts with an itchy rash followed by pain, swelling, tenderness and redness.
Outer ear infection may be treated by cleaning the outer part carefully and anti inflammatory and anti microbial medications may be applied after prescription of the doctor. Bacterial infection may let your doctor prescribe you anti biotic medicines.

LABYRINTHITIS: This ear infection drops upon you when any of your vestibular nerves get swollen. The nerves help in sending signals to your brain about your spatial navigation and balance system. Labyrinthitis is often characterised by vertigo, dizziness, nausea, loss of hearing and even imbalance in your body.This infection may be caused due to several factors like: Respiratory illnesses Viral Ear Infection Herpes Zoster virus Stomach InfectionLabyrinthitis may cause certain severe conditions like small strokes, facial palsy, migraine, fainting. It calls for immediate doctor check up. You may be prescribed with some facial exercises to regain your lost balance.