76% UP schoolchildren suffer from medical condition

Majority of the schoolchildren in Uttar Pradesh suffer from one or the other medical condition, according to a survey by a Lucknow-based health and wellness start-up.

The study, conducted on over 3,000 students in nine districts, found that 76 per cent school going children were medically identified with different conditions.

A team led by Dr S. Haider determined body mass index (BMI) and tested fitness and physical activity levels of 3,114 students from 12 schools in nine districts, including Lucknow.

The team found that 47 per cent of kids had BMI outside the healthy range.

While 59 per cent students, who underwent health screening, had eye and vision issues, more than half did not reach the standards for postural fitness.

As per the study, 52 per cent of kids had dental and oral problems.

The head-to-toe health screening was conducted by a team of 20 experts on various parameters to ensure the detection of any medical condition before it becomes life threatening.

Dr Haider said, “Based on our study, we recommend the inclusion of health screening on regular basis as a part of school curriculum and a health report card should also be distributed along with the academic report card of each student to detect the medical conditions in a very early stage and follow ups in a proper and responsible manner.”

The study found more urban kids with an upright posture, and higher endurance and stamina, and less dental troubles.

The rural kids, however, gave better performance in audiometry and speech tests, and were found better psychologically and less deficient in Vitamin A and D.

Girls were less likely than boys to be medically fit and they were also less likely to meet the minimum standards for all seven tests of endurance and stamina, postural screening, eye and vision issues, oral and dental trouble, audiometry and speech, nutritional and psychological assessment.

For instance, 39 per cent boys reported good stamina and endurance as against 25 per cent girls. Similarly, 25 per cent boys reported better posture than 18 per cent girls, the study found.

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