Simple tips to maintain vaginal hygiene

Though one of the most crucial aspects of women’s health, vaginal hygiene remains the least discussed topic in our society. Many women confront issues like rashes, boils, abnormal discharge and infections in the vaginal area due to lack of ignorance.

These issues often cause irritation, discomfort, and low self-esteem among the women who suffer from these. It also interferes with daily activities. Hence, it is important to discuss how to maintain vaginal health.

According to Dr. H S Chandrika Gynaecologist from Bengaluru, vaginal hygiene is no different from hygiene of any other part of the body. The mitigating factor is that our body heals itself with its own immune system naturally. Some bacteria that are normally present in the vagina give it immunity from infections. Hence, there is no need for remedies specifically meant for vagina like vaginal wash, vaginal ointments, etc., which claim to help in vaginal health and hygiene.

In fact, the products available in the market that boast of treating the infections contain harmful substances that can adversely affect the user. There are certain important points to keep in mind regarding virginal health.

Following the tips given below can enormously help overcome the problems related vaginal health and hygiene:

Preventive measures

If a woman takes steps to keep the vaginal area clean and dry, she will be able to avoid the occurrence of lots of virginal problems. The first preventive measure is to soak in warm water.

The virginal area has oil glands and blocked hair follicles that can cause puss-filled lumps to form outside the vaginal area. To avoid this, regular soaking in a bathtub filled with warm water is recommended. The warm water will clean the area thoroughly and helps in compressing the boils

Include yoghurt in diet

Probiotics can help prevent infections like bacterial vaginosis. Yoghurt is a natural source of probiotics that helps introduce healthy bacteria in the female body. Yoghurt can be taken in liquid form as buttermilk and drinking it three or four times a day can help in preventing infections from within.

Change pads after regular intervals

It is important to change pads during menstrual periods after every three to four hours depending on the blood flow. The vagina must remain dry as wetness can cause infection. Wearing pads for long durations can irritate skin, cause rashes and make the skin susceptible to other infections. Daily intake of Cranberry can also help in reducing the risks of infections.

Makes sure the clothes you wear are comfortable

Breathable fabric is recommended to realise vaginal health. Synthetic fibres like nylon prevent the area around the vagina from breathing and trap heat and moisture which creates a breeding ground for many infectious microbes. Wearing tight clothes for longer durations can also cause the same problem. Switching between loose and tight clothes alternately will help a lot in keeping vaginal infections at bay.

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