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Analyst bullish on Ethereum as XRP momentum builds

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Investors consistently seek high-growth projects and closely monitor the top 10 list to identify altcoins with potential. XRP and Ethereum (ETH) recently posted vital milestones. 

Ethereum broke above $2,000 and XRP maintained its position above the $0.62 price range despite broader market decline. 

XRP stays above $0.62

XRP is up 53% in the past year, surging above $0.5 and $0.56. 

After several failed attempts, it regained momentum and broke out again, rising to $0.62. 

In November, XRP soared 13% but faced rejection at $0.71. 

Analysts expect XRP to reach $0.9482 by the start of 2024.

Ethereum could surge above $3,000

Ethereum recently broke above key resistance levels at $1,982 and $2,044. 

1.7 million wallets acquired 38.7 million ETH, valued at over $81.4 billion. 

One analyst notes that ETH has strong support and minimal resistance.

With a market cap above $250 billion, ETH prices, analysts say, might surge above $3,000 in early Q1 2024. 

Exploring alternatives

While long-term investors are considering XRP and Ethereum, their projected price upswings may take time to materialize. As such, others are exploring alternatives for immediate gains.

Pullix (PLX) offers a fresh approach to traditional finance. As a community-backed exchange, Pullix aims to reshape how individuals interact with the global market.

The platform will provide everyday access to global markets, including crypto, from any location. PLX holders will also benefit from a share of the platform’s daily revenues.

The exchange fosters real-time community engagement, ensuring secure and encrypted transactions while adhering to relevant regulations and licensing requirements.

In its early release stage, PLX is available for $0.04, but analysts expect more gains once it is listed on tier-1 exchanges.



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