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AntPool surpasses Foundry as top Bitcoin miner

AntPool, a mining pool linked to Bitmain, overtakes Foundry USA as the leading Bitcoin mining pool, for the first time since January 2022.

The development, based on the quantity of monthly blocks mined, was recorded for the first time since January 2022, coming amidst the aggressive distribution of Bitmain’s latest mining equipment.

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The latest data from Bitcoin’s network indicates that in November, Antpool successfully mined 1,219 blocks, marginally outpacing Foundry USA, which mined 1,216 blocks. Antpool’s mining efforts have yielded substantial rewards for its clientele, amassing a total of 8,672 BTC, with an additional 83.6 BTC earmarked for reimbursements.

Foundry USA’s prominence as the leading mining pool had been unchallenged since early 2022, a status buoyed by the surge in North American mining activities following China’s stringent regulations on the industry in 2021.

However, AntPool has been gradually closing in on Foundry USA’s dominance, particularly since mid-2022. This rise in AntPool’s mining capacity aligns with Bitmain’s shipping of a significant volume of Antminer S19XP and S19XP Hydro units to its American subsidiary in Georgia.

The period between June and November saw the transfer of over 4,800 metric tons of these mining rigs, as reported by TheMinerMag. The cumulative hashrate from these imports is believed to surpass 37 EH/s, contributing substantially to AntPool’s increased mining output.


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