Attorney says SEC should disbar lawyers due to misconduct

Australian lawyer Bill Morgan has suggested attorneys for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) should be disbarred for alleged misconduct.

In a Dec. 2 post on X (formerly Twitter), Morgan underscored the significance of an attorney’s obligation to be truthful to the court, particularly in pressing legal proceedings.

He was speaking in response to criticisms from CryptoLaw founder John Deaton and Ripple (XRP) chief legal officer Stuart Alderoty regarding the SEC’s actions in several major crypto-related cases.

According to Morgan, what he calls “the duty of candor” compels lawyers to disclose all pertinent facts or potential defense arguments to the court, even if they contradict their cases.

In a previous post, Alderoty commented on the SEC’s behavior in various lawsuits it had brought against crypto companies, including Ripple and Coinbase.

He pointed out a pattern of concerning actions by the regulator in its interactions with the companies, drawing attention to instances where the court reproved the SEC for its inconsistency and disregard for established legal practices.

Furthermore, the Ripple attorney highlighted the SEC’s inadequate response to Coinbase’s crypto rulemaking request in June 2023, an action that led the court to label the regulator’s handling of similar cases as “arbitrary and capricious.”

In light of Alderoty’s allegations, Morgan emphasized the gravity of misleading the court in ex parte motions, labeling such behavior “egregious professional misconduct.” He indicated that those intentionally engaging in such deceitful action should face stern repercussions, including disbarment.

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