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Director of Netflix sci-fi series makes $27m on Dogecoin, new passive income altcoin gaining attention

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In a remarkable turn of events, Carl Erik Rinsch, the director of Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi series “Conquest”, made headlines by allocating a staggering $4 million from the show’s budget to Dogecoin (DOGE). His bold move resulted in an astonishing profit of $27 million. Moreover, another crypto token with major passive income potential is making news.

Netflix director used $4m of show’s budget on Dogecoin

Carl Erik Rinsch, the creative mind behind Netflix’s highly anticipated sci-fi series “Conquest,” shook the entertainment world when the news revealed that he had diverted $4 million from the project’s budget to crypto in 2020.

His choice of investment? Dogecoin, the beloved meme-inspired digital currency that has been making waves in the crypto space. Rinsch’s gamble paid off spectacularly, as he reportedly turned his initial $4 million investment into a jaw-dropping $27 million in profits. This staggering return on the investment has left both crypto enthusiasts and industry insiders in awe.

This windfall did not go unnoticed, and Rinsch’s extravagant spending quickly became a subject of scrutiny. He reportedly splurged approximately $9 million on designer clothing, luxury furniture, a watch worth over $380,000, a Ferrari, and five Rolls-Royces.

The controversy surrounding Rinsch’s financial decision stems from the fact that “Conquest” had been allocated a substantial budget of $55 million by Netflix. Yet, the series has yet to release its first episode.

As of the latest data available, DOGE is trading at approximately $0.083890. Over the past seven days, the cryptocurrency has shown a strong uptrend, with a 7.4% increase in its price. Looking at the past month, Dogecoin has experienced an impressive surge, boasting a 14.12% increase in value. 

However, over the past year, it has seen a significant decline, with a 24.68% decrease in price. These fluctuations illustrate the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market, where fortunes can be made and lost in the blink of an eye.

The new passive income altcoin

While Rinsch’s Dogecoin investment is making waves, another story is gaining traction in the world of cryptocurrencies and online trading. Pullix, often hailed as the “world’s first community-backed exchange” and the next generation of TradeFi, is making a name for itself by introducing innovative approaches to online trading.

Pullix goes beyond being a typical cryptocurrency or trading platform. It is a community-driven project that aims to democratize online trading by implementing a crypto deposit-only system, eliminating the need for KYC documentation. This inclusivity ensures that anyone with an internet connection can participate in online trading without barriers.

But what really sets Pullix apart is its unique revenue-sharing model. Holders of the Pullix native token, PLX, can profit from the daily revenues generated by the exchange. It offers an enticing reward system for PLX holders, particularly for those who choose to stake their tokens.

A portion of the brokerage’s daily profits is allocated to acquiring PLX from the open market. Half of these purchased tokens are burned, creating a deflationary mechanism, while the other half is distributed as rewards to staked token holders. This not only enhances token stability, but also enables stakeholders to earn passive rewards, making participation in the ecosystem even more rewarding.

As the platform prepares for its launch in January 2024, it presents a lucrative opportunity for traders, investors, and anyone interested in passive income through cryptocurrencies. Keep an eye on Pullix, the new passive income altcoin that’s gaining attention and redefining online trading as we know it. 

Learn more about this project on the website or the company’s X account.

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