Examining Shiba Inu magazine’s key highlight, Everlodge rising in presale

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The Shiba Inu newspaper provides content for SHIB enthusiasts and invites new users to explore the Shibarium blockchain. This week’s edition features inspiring rags-to-riches stories from the history of crypto. This article explores potential avenues for achieving similar success in the current bullish market.

Shiba Inu made someone a billionaire from just $8k

In 2020, an anonymous investor purchased $8,000 worth of the then-obscure SHIB. The “Dogecoin killer” price ended up skyrocketing by 85 million percent to $5.7 billion by October 2021. 

The hype around “meme coins” like Shiba Inu created a new class of crypto millionaires almost overnight. 

However, many late buyers who succumbed to FOMO lost money when SHB prices dropped.  

Despite this, the anonymous investor who made the initial purchase is still considered to have made the “greatest trade of all time.” 

Everlodge is providing an avenue for retailers to create generational wealth

The crypto market has seen the rise of memecoins like Shiba Inu, which have generated high returns for early investors. However, identifying the next potential breakout memecoin can be challenging. 

Everlodge can present an intriguing option for those value investors.

ELDG, the platform’s token, allows fractional ownership of vacation homes as NFTs, democratizing luxury vacation home access for ordinary investors.

With as little as $100, individuals can co-own a share of vacation properties, earning rental income and capital appreciation as the property market flourishes. 

Everlodge eliminates the financial constraints and complex processes that have made owning a vacation home an unattainable dream by carefully selecting properties, handling legal intricacies, and offering fractional ownership to a wide range of investors.

In the ongoing presale, ELDG is available for $0.025. Upon its launch on Uniswap and other exchanges, analysts expect the token to rally.

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