Inquiry on Binance headquarters and audit left unanswered by new CEO Richard Teng

The new CEO of the Binance exchange, Richard Teng, dodged answering a question about the location of the company’s headquarters and its auditor.

His statement was made as part of the Crypto and Digital Assets Summit organized by the Financial Times. During his speech, the new CEO of the exchange once again emphasized Binance’s “shortcomings” with respect to the company’s regulatory requirements. At the same time, Teng avoided questions related to the organization’s activities and structure.

When about Binance’s global headquarters, and whether the company will be audited, or if it plans to apply for a license in the UK, Binance’s new CEO said that he had already answered each of the questions asked “previously.” When asked again about the headquarters, Teng again brushed it off, emphasizing that it was “under consideration.”

“Is there a need for us to share all of this information publicly? No”

Richard Teng, Binance CEO

The journalist also inquired about an audit of Binance. The organization’s CEO said that the exchange remains a private company, and therefore is not obliged to disclose financial data, although, according to him, regular audits are still carried out.

This is Teng’s first public interview since Changpeng Zhao’s resignation in November 2023. The former head of Binance is awaiting trial in February 2024. He is also required to pay a multi-million dollar fine for violating the Bank Secrecy Act.

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