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Paving the path to mainstream adoption: A Layer-2 leader’s vision

Elena Sinelnikova, co-founder of the MetisDAO Foundation and Decentralization Coordinator for the Layer-2 blockchain Metis, recently shared her insights on how next-generation solutions can open Web3 to the masses with

With over two decades steering complex government IT projects before entering crypto, Sinelnikova has a grounded perspective on blockchain evolution. She also leads CryptoChicks, empowering women and youth in Web3 globally.

In her commentary, Sinelnikova highlighted two key barriers still limiting mainstream use of Layer-2 platforms despite strengths in speed, fees and scale: an ongoing lack of simplicity and decentralization. While user experience has improved from first-generation blockchain tools, more work is essential so Web3 integrates seamlessly into people’s digital lives.

We, as an industry, can match the ‘experience’ of legacy services that stood the test of time. Think of seamlessness. You’ll have to connect your wallet, sign transactions, etc., even for the most intuitive L2s. 

It’s a hassle for many people. The Web3 tech stack is still very visible. We need to make it invisible — that’s the goal.

Elena Sinelnikova

Additionally, Sinelnikova stressed that centralized components in most Layer-2 architectures undermine security and community trust. She explained that this also motivated introducing a to a proof-of-stake validated sequencer pool to MetisDAO (METIS).

Privacy and security are becoming core concerns in Web3 right now. And Zero-Knowledge systems is one of the most important areas of research/innovation. 

Elena Sinelnikova

Beyond the technology itself, Sinelnikova called for greater regulatory clarity and cooperation from authorities so innovations can progress responsibly. She believes creating space for traditional finance to interface with crypto will dramatically expand fiat on/off ramps and cross-chain transfers—unlocking tremendous network effects.

Given her advocacy background, Sinelnikova also shared advice on social media and grassroots education strategies to demystify Web3 for non-technical audiences.

I think producing valuable, bite-sized content on socials is a great way to build and boost awareness now. People are busy and distracted. Too much information, too little time. Catching them where they’re already hanging out can do wonders in educating users. 

People’s idea of value and trust are changing in this age of bots. They’re seeing brands in new light and engaging with the ones that are real. As innovators and builders, we must adapt to this change. The old ways of communicating ideas or educating often don’t work anymore—not as they used to.

Elena Sinelnikova

With teams like Metis thoughtfully building out next-generation infrastructure, Sinelnikova makes a compelling case for Web3 realizing its potential through simplicity, security and real mainstream integration in people’s lives.

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