Starknet reveals 1.8b token distribution plan 

Starknet Foundation has announced a large-scale distribution plan of more than 1.8 billion STRK tokens to various network growth and user engagement programs.

Earlier in October, the layer-2 network promised to distribute 50 million tokens between early adopters. However, today’s announcement reflected a much larger token distribution program.

The Provisions Committee, a key group within Starknet, manages the distribution of 900 million STRK tokens. This distribution is intended to be fair, decentralized, and transparent, focusing on rewarding the network’s users and community members for their contributions. While the specifics of the first distribution phase are pending, formal communications are expected soon.

Another 900 million STRK tokens are set aside for network rebates to reward users for their transactions on Starknet. This plan is currently under development, with a new committee being formed to oversee the distribution process.

Starknet has also allocated 50m STRK tokens to the DeFi Committee, concluding its research phase, and will soon implement strategies to incentivize activity on defi protocols on Starknet, focusing on boosting liquidity and trading volume.

Additionally, Starknet hinted at an upcoming announcement for a new incentive mechanism targeting developers and decentralized applications (dapps) on the network. This announcement is scheduled for next week.

Starknet is a permissionless layer-2 solution for Ethereum (ETH), utilizing zk-STARKs technology for enhanced security and privacy. STRK tokens are expected to go live in the market by April 2024. 

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